May 15

Tomorrowland disappoints – thanks again, Lindedork!

Why does this guy keep getting paid to write crappy empty scripts? He ruined Trek and Prometheus. Get Lost!

May 15

Article: Celebrity Sightings of the Week

Celebrity Sightings of the Week


May 15

JJ’s Star Wars

So apparently, there’s a desert planet in JJ’s SW, but it’s not Tatooine. There’s also a snow/ice planet. I got a bad feeling about this…JJ’s work is consistently disappointing. It’s usually derivative or a messy rehash, wrapped with slick marketing and a lot of secrecy. jak

Apr 14

Mad Men, better than ever…

Bravo to season 7 of Mad Men – it has been excellent thus far. I have to admit, seasons 5 and 6 were hit and miss, but each frame of season 7 has been crafted to maximize themes and character growth, and thus, robustly fill out the overall storyline.

I love this show because it’s like spending time with people you know. Life isn’t a pre-scripted story arc; it’s seemingly random until it isn’t. Mad Men captures this dynamic, as evidenced by every moment of this final season.


Apr 14

2 Un-aspirational Girls

Why is this even being debated. Kim Kardashian is as aspirational as cheap perfume. Same goes for Chelsea Handler. Both are talentless hacks.

These girls may be “broke,” but they have talent!


Mar 14


My favorite Top Chef.

Mar 14


All Music. No Ads. Get Rdio Free.

Mar 14

Whatever, Lindedork. You ruined Prometheus.

So this guy looks like a hack writer and a jerk.

All Music. No Ads. Get Rdio Free.

Mar 14

Piers vs. Chelsea

So Chelsea grunted at Piers Morgan last night. Didn’t Gwyneth Paltrow make a video making fun of her for literally sleeping her way to her own show. Who cares about this trash.

Mar 14

Getty Images

Great idea! Free images, in exchange for eyeballs, data and possible ads. Win-win.